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As part of the quality control protocols in place at Glenn R.Johnson Scale Models, we have retained the services of a professional employer organization. This enables us to operate our business with the benefit of a productive, employee friendly and governmentally compliant environment. The following list summarizes our quality controls:

  • Compliant with all wage and hour laws
  • Provide and maintain worker's compensation insurance
  • Provide and maintain general liability insurance
  • Adhere to all OSHA safety guidelines

  • This not only helps us to produce high quality scale models, but afford protections that are extended to our clients. A movement by the division of Labor Standards Enforcement and the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor states that they may:

    a) Confiscate goods manufactured by California based contractors who violate various wage and hour laws.

    b) Hold companies liable for wage and hour violations by their contractors. Additionally, they may penalize companies who utilize contractors without proof of worker's compensation insurance.